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  • Pensacola Educational Article of the Month - The Pensacola Corn Snake

The Pensacola Corn Snake

If you have found a brownish, yellow as well as orange colored Florida snake with red blotches down the center of the back and black edge it is possibly a corn snake. This is a patient snake that does not worry to eat every day. But, when it wants to eat it must look for the kind of foods it does like.

The appearance
The belly of a Pensacola corn snake has alternating black and white mark rows making it to get same resemblance of the checkerboard snakes. The age of the snake and the region are the determinant factor to the appearance. The bright coloration is mainly for the older corn snakes as the younger ones do not have it.

Habitat and diet
When it comes to habitat the Florida corn snake is usually found in several places. They can easily be found in woodlots, abandoned building, meadowlands, barns wooded grooves and rocky hillsides. For diet, this snake does not usually eat daily but when it wants to eat, it can eat to its satisfaction. The younger corn snakes usually eat lizard, tree frogs while the bigger adults normally feed on rats, birds, mice and even bats. Corn snakes usually bite the prey to take a gripe hold of it before swallowing it. Sometimes they usually swallow the prey alive.

Biology and life cycle
During the breeding season, the and male Pensacola corn snakes usually mate several times. The after mating will start to eat enough so as to store fats for the pregnancy. The usually get pregnant after the breeding season. After getting pregnant, the will no more eat much so as to reduce the body weight. The can lay up to 10 – 30 eggs in each pregnancy. The life cycle of the wild corn snake is not really known but the pet ones have life expectation of about 18 to 22 years.

The behavior
The active period of Florida corn snake is usually during the day. This snake is known to move into abandoned building, climb trees and others in search of prey. They also can spend more of the times underground so as to feed on any rodent that come on their way.

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