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  • How We Solve Florida Wildlife Problems

How We Solve Pensacola Wildlife Problems

It starts with your phone call. We answer our phones 24/7, and we will carefully listen to your wildlife problem. Every case is different, so we will ask appropriate questions to help us understand the situation better. Questions like, "do you hear the noises at night or during the daytime?" or "what type of roof do you have?" After we have a general idea of your situation, we can provide a ballpark price range, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to inspect your property.

INSPECTION: Once on site, we will perform a full inspection of your home and property. This allows us to use the correct strategy and traps. If the animals are in an attic, a full building inspection is crucial, including the following:

  • All ground-level areas, such as piper or A/C line entry & exit areas, A/C chase bottoms, ground-level vents, etc.
  • All mid-level areas, such as dryer vents, siding gaps, first floor eaves or dormers, etc.
  • We inspect the entire roof, including all plumbing stacks, ridge caps, vents, and other potential gaps or holes.
  • We also inspect inside your attic, to identify animals and damage they have caused.
  • If the animals are outside, we notice many subtle clues that will assist us in a successful strategy.

TRAPPING, EXCLUSION, REMOVAL: Once we understand what animal species we are dealing with, and the problem, we use the most effective means of removing the animals. We use dozens of different types of traps.

  • Trapping - If trapping the animal(s) in live cage traps, trap type, set, and location are crucial to success.
  • Exclusion - Oftentimes, we are able to simply set one-way doors or other exclusion devices that allow the animals inside a building to safely exit, but never get back inside.
  • Removal By Hand - Sometimes we actually remove animals by hand, or with special tools like snare poles.
  • The Law - In all cases, we obey state and local laws regarding wildlife, but aim to take the most humane approach.

ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS: Repairs are a crucial step in the wildlife removal process. In many cases, such as bat or rodent control, the job cannot be performed without detailed repairs, and in all cases, sealing the entry holes shut ensures that no future wildlife will ever enter your home.

  • 100% of the entry holes must be found, and sealed shut, or the job is not complete.
  • Our repairs are professional contractor grade, look good, and when applicable we use steel, which rodents such as rats or squirrels are unable to chew through.
  • We give a written guarantee on our repairs against any future animal entry.

ATTIC DECONTAMINATION SERVICES: It may be desirable to clean your attic after we've removed the animals. They can leave behind large amounts of droppings, urine, hair, oils, food, nesting material, and so on. These remnants can attract insects like cockroaches, and the scent left behind can encourage new animals to chew their way into your house. You might experience odor problems from the waste. It's possible that mold will grow on waste areas.

  • We remove or vacuum all droppings, or remove all the soiled insulation.
  • We fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner that destroys any organic matter and deodorizes the space.
  • We repair damage, such as ductwork, electrical wires, pipes, insulation, and more.
The above are just a brief explanation of some of our methods. I haven't even addressed the hundreds of other potential cases that we deal with, from bat exclusions, to poison-free rodent control, to dead animal removal, bird roosting prevention, mole trapping in a yard, ground-based exclusion barriers around a shed, etc. etc. Just give us a call any time, and we can describe in detail how we will resolve your specific wildlife problem.

Who are we? We are a wildlife control and removal company with ten years of experience. A family-run unit, we specialize in a number of things, but professional-grade building and home repairs is just one of them, repairing the damage that these wild critters often do without your knowledge, deep in the walls and crevices. Not just worrying about the damage, these wild animals always bring with them a risk of disease - leptospirosis, histoplasmosis, and salmonella to name just a few. We will take care of this disease risk also, using high-strength biological enzyme cleaners to break down waste matter, which also assists in the removal of strong odors, mold and bacteria too. We are on hand for last-minute and short-notice jobs, finding a raccoon in your kitchen, for example, and we can usually offer you a same-day or next-day appointment - whatever works at your convenience. Whether it’s live or dead animal removal, or just some free advice you’re in the market for, give us a ring today. Our phones are manned 24/7, and our technicians are working locally in your area today.

We service Escambia County, Santa Rosa County, Baldwin County, and more. We also service Century, Bellview, Brent, Ensley, Ferry Pass, Gonzalez, Goulding, Molino, Myrtle Grove, Warrington, West Pensacola, Barrineau Park, Bratt, Oak Grove, Barth, Brownsville, Pensacola Beach, Beulah, Cantonment, Perdido Key, Bluff Springs, Innerarity Point, Pleasant Grove, Bogia, McDavid, Walnut Hill, and more. To learn more about our services, visit the Pensacola wildlife control home page.

This month's wildlife how-to article: How to Kill Rabbits

There is no doubt to say that rabbits are lovely pets, but they can cause big trouble when try start living in large number. Having hundreds of rabbits in your garden and yard can definitely lead to a troublesome situation. The most terrible fact to know about these creatures is that they have the ability to breed multiple times per year and every time they give birth to 5-6 babies that have a good survival rate. Note that they can reach sexual maturity within 6 months and then will become a huge problem for the homeowners.

Those who are already frustrated with rabbit problem might be interested in using some trusted methods to kill rabbits to get permanent relief from these creatures. Below we have highlighted a few methods to achieve this target:

Using poison:
Most of the people believe that poison is the simplest way to deal with the rabbits in the United States. But before you apply this procedure; it is important to know that these tiny creatures are eaten by many other predators around so when you poison a bunny, you may also end up killing many other animals as well. Also, the bloated carcass of these animals starts releasing terrible odor within very less time, and they can soon attract bugs, vermin, and feeders. This is again a bad situation for your property, so it is better to avoid using poison to kill rabbits.

Using traps:
Another common option to deal with the rabbit problem is using traps. Market these days is loaded with a variety of traps that can be used to deal with rabbit problem; the list included lethal and non-lethal traps. If you are interested in killing the animal, you must use lethal traps. The snap traps and body grip traps have the ability to crush the animal instantly. In order to attract the animal to these traps, you need to use good bait. But animals killed with lethal traps cause lots of mess around, and you may find it difficult to clean. Also, another downside of these traps is their reliability factor. They are not always suitable for all size of rabbits.

Shoot the animal:
Some people in the United States also prefer to shoot the animal to get rid of them permanently. But this method is useful only for those who are trained to use firearms. Moreover, it is not possible to use this option in all areas of the United States because shooting a rabbit is banned in most areas.

In all such situations, the best idea to deal with animals is taking help from professionals. You can fix an appointment with rabbit exterminators, and they will soon visit your premises to judge the level of the problem. Once they identify the areas targeted by rabbits, they will choose a suitable option to deal with these creatures. After removing them from your premises, professionals will also install mesh fence around to ensure safety in future as well. These licensed professionals can provide a quick and reliable solution for all troubles.
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