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  • Pensacola Educational Article of the Month - Is It Good to Poison the Pensacola Fox or Not?

Is It Good to Poison the Pensacola Fox or Not?

Most people around the world are not able to trap these clever creatures. Florida foxes keep on visiting human habitat time and again to destroy the vegetation and fruits inside. They take very less time to build dens in the shed and porch area, and you will not even be able to know about their presence. Foxes are nocturnal creatures, and they come out to hunt prey in the night hours. These clever and hyperactive creatures can cause huge damage within very less time. The most terrible thing to know about them is that they carry lots of harmful disease viruses that can get transferred to the humans and pets around.

Homeowners that are already in trouble due to Pensacola fox attacks might be searching for some potential methods to get rid of these creatures. Probably, you might be ready to use poison to kill them. But before you use, it is important to know that poison can cause so many harmful effects on the environment. Most experts prefer to recommend trapping instead of poison, and there are so many reasons behind that. Poison is an inhumane way to kill the animal, and it also causes too much pain to the foxes. Moreover, when you kill an animal with poison, you never know where it will die. In most cases, the dead body lies in a hidden place where you cannot notice it on time and then it starts releasing terrible odor due to decomposition. Homeowners cannot tolerate that bad smell, and it will also contaminate the air in the premises leading to several health issues.

When you use poison to kill the animal, you cannot be sure that it will be consumed by the Florida fox itself. The chances are that the poison will be consumed by pets or kids around and it can cause a terrible situation for all. If you use poison for foxes, it is important to make sure that kids and pets do not go in that direction. Poison can cause a harmful impact on the environment as well as in the state of biodiversity. Medical health experts reveal that when an animal dies due to poison, it causes risk of spreading harmful diseases in the premises. It can contaminate water sources as well. After checking all these disadvantages, there is no point in using poison to kill the animal. The best idea is to look for a human method to deal with it.

You can bring some love cage traps to your home and install them in the area where Pensacola foxes keep on visiting more often. The idea is to capture them and then relocate at the far end of the city so that they cannot find a path to return. In case if you are not able to handle the situation, it is good to take help from professionals to get rid of foxes. The licensed exterminators know the right techniques to trap the animal and can ensure safety for the future as well by installing fences all around.

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