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  • Pensacola Educational Article of the Month - About Pensacola Geese

About Pensacola Geese

Geese are one of the most commonly spotted birds in Pensacola; they are easily identified from their large size as the weight goes as high as up to 20lbs. These birds have very long necks, and they have black color; however, the rest of the body has some shades of white and gray. Usually, these birds have a huge color variation on their body; some may appear brown and grey as well.

It is easy to recognize Florida geese with catchy white marks that are present below their eye. Their head also has the unique color appearance, but in most cases they are black. They have sturdy webbed feet; experts reveal that these creatures have the ability to resist toughest currents with ease. Goose keep on searching for food near streams, and they prepare their shelters in the nearby area. You will be surprised to know that their wings can open up to 6 feet distance and they are able to fly as soon as they step out of the water.

Life cycle:
Reports say that Pensacola goose is found in North America, Europe, and Asia as well. But these creatures breed mostly in the Pensacola and US region and can be found near watery areas or simply close to the river banks. It is observed that Pensacola goose can lay around 3 to 8 eggs every year and they have good survival rates. Goose mate with only one partner in their entire life; however, if one of them dies, the other one start looking for another partner. Goose make hard efforts to protect their eggs as many wild animals such as foxes, raccoons, ravens, and bears keep on searching for attacking them.

Habitat and Behaviour:
These Florida birds do not stay at one place so long; they keep on finding a new place to live and hence are named as migratory birds. Pensacola goose generally leaves their habitats in search of warmth, and it happens mostly in the months of winter. They usually migrate in groups and take flight from one place to other in V shape. Experts reveal that when they each at a new place, they naturally become little aggressive and can scare off people around. The fact is that they do not feel comfortable to live around humans and hence make all efforts to keep them away from the area that they want to occupy.

As Pensacola goose lives near river banks, streams and watery area; they prefer to target algae and fishes, etc. They also feed on small insects that live in the pond or lakes. However, the normal diet of goose is not limited to aquatic creatures; hey can also target wheat fields and corn fields. Some studies also reveal that goose can eat leftovers in the urban areas. That is why these migratory birds are often observed to snatch food from kinds at river banks. These creatures create lots of nuisance in the park and beach areas.

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